Bomber crash at Barton

Air crash at Barton

On Thursday [March 6th, 1919] , a huge Handley-Page comber passed over Barton at a low level after passing above Luton at about 1.30pm. It appeared to be in difficulties, and made a descent in a field along the Silsoe Road.

But possibly owing to the soft ground, the undercarriage caught the turf, and the machine crashed on to its nose, a complete wreck. The two occupants were pitched out some 40 feet, but beyond bruises did not appear much hurt.

The aeroplane was on its way to Henlow for dismantling, and a party of mechanics arrived from that place the same night. By Monday the wreckage had all been cleared.

[The Luton News: Thursday, March 13th, 1919. Photo credit: Mr G. Bailey, New Bedford Road, Luton.]