Rival ex-servicemen groups play cricket

Despite bitter and on-going verbal rivalry between them, local ex-servicemen's groups the Discharged Sailors and Soldiers (DS&S) and the Comrades of the Great War did meet each other twice on the cricket field in the summer of 1919 as members of a local league. Both matches were played at Stockwood Park, and in both instances the DS&S won easily.

The first encounter was on May 10th. Batting first, the DS&S made a total of 55. In reply, the Comrades lost three men to W. Goymer in his first over and were all out for 16. W. Goymer took six wickets at a cost of five runs, while G. Goymer claimed the other four wickets for 11 runs.



W. Brown c and b Johnson 15

W. Goymer c Merritt b Northwood 0

F. Gutteridge b Northwood 8

W. Foster b Farr 9

W. Ellingham b Farr 0

H. V. Hoy c Northwood b Farr 3

G. Goymer c Worsley b Northwood 14

F. G. Smart st Bowles b Farr 2

G. Hayes run out 1

T. Shaw c and b Johnson 0

R. Barrett not out 0

Extras 3

Total 55.

Bowling; Farr 4-25, Northwood 3-20, Johnson 2-7.



Johnson b G. Goymer 1

Bowles b W. Goymer 0

Farr b W. Goymer 0

Day b W. Goymer 0

Merritt b W. Goymer 0

Daniels b W. Goymer 3

Northwood b G. Goymer 2

Worsley not out 9

Rickard c Gutteridge b G. Goymer 0

Thurley b G. Goymer 1

Gane st Barratt b W. Goymer 0

Extras 1

Total 17.

Bowling:W. Goymer 6-5, G. Goymer 4-11


In the return fixture at Stockwood on May 24th, the Comrades batted first and were all out for 21. F. Keens took seven wickets for two runs and W. Goymer two wickets for 16, with one run-out.



Daniels b Keens 0

Farr b Keens 3

Johnson c Wicks b Keens 0

Worsley b W. Goymer 2

Northwood b Keens 0

Merritt b Keens 0

Sheppard b Keens 1

Day run out 1

Holdstock c Gutteridge b W, Goymer 11

Bowles b Keens 0

Cato not out 0

Extras 3

Total 21.

Bowling: F. Keens 7-2, W. Goymer 2-16



B. Fensome c Holdstock b Northwood 7

H. C. Grimsey c Sheppard b Johnson 36

F. Keens c Bowles b Cato 1

F. Gutteridge b Farr 10

W, Brown c Cato b Farr 22

W. Goymer c Sheppard b Farr 0

G. Goymer b Farr 0

F. Smart b Cato 6

H. Samm b Cato 0

F. Weeks b Sheppard 13

G. Haines not out 1

Extras 18

Total 114.


Bowling: Farr 4-16, Cato 3-19, Johnson 1-24, Northwood 1-28, Sheppard 1-0, Day 0-9.