A rifleman is a soldier in a light infantry unit. Although ultimately originating with the 16th century handgunners and the 17th century musketeers and streltsy, the term rifleman originated in the 18th century. Entire regiments and bodies of troops were armed with the weapon. It later became the term for the archetypal common infantryman.

Rifleman Frederick Howard Harman

Frederick Howard Harman was a son of George Edward Harman and his wife Amelia (formerly Shoosmith), who lived at 20 Stockwood Crescent, Luton. He had been born in 1883 in Southampton, and had married in 1909, moving to Watford to live.

He had joined the Bedfordshire Regiment, but later transferred to 14th Royal Irish Rifles. He was killed at Ypres on 16 August 1917. He left his widow, Amy, and two small sons. His death is marked on the Harman family gravestone in Rothesay Road cemetery in Luton.


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