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The Luton News , 12th September 1919
Limbury Baptist Church Memorial (Judith Brazier)

The memorial to those associated with Limbury Baptist Chapel who had fallen in the Great War. Made of red marble with a white marble base and names inscribed in gilt, it is housed inside the chapel, and was unveiled by Mr E. A. Mander during a solemn service on Sunday, September 14th, 1919.

The nine names inscribed are: W. J. Bass, W. J. Hines, W. Horsler (church members), P. C. Clark, H. Cumberland, F. Munns, G. Scrivener, W. Stanford and H. Mayles (from the Sunday school).

[With thanks to Judith Brazier for supplying the photograph.]

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Limbury Baptist Church Memorial (Judith Brazier)

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