October 1st recruits (5th Reserve Batt, Beds Regt)

The following is the list of those who have joined the 5th (Reserve) Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment at Luton this week. A considerable number of would-be recruits are to be medically examined.Volunter Training Corps

Allen, Horace: Ramridge Road, Stopsley.

Bacchus, Charles: 6 Bolton Road, Luton.

Barton, Reginald: 31 King's Road, Luton.

Brandon, Ernest: 23 Duke Street, Luton.

Cannon, R.: 51 Cobden Street, Luton.

Coles, Arthur: 35 Dorset Street, Luton.

Cooper, James: 63 Inkerman Street, Luton.

Cook G. T.: 24 Essex Street, Luton.

Cousins, A. R.: 47a Chapel Street, Luton.

Dickens, F.: 3 Harcourt Street, Luton.

Ellis, Bert: 96 Langley Street, Luton.

Fisher, Frederick: 33 Essex Street, Luton.

Firmin, Hubert: 62 Salisbury Road, Luton.

Fontaine, G. 1 Ivy Cottages, Dallow Road, Luton.

Green, S. J.: 138 New Town Street, Luton.

Hawkes, F. J.: 76 High Town Road, Luton.

King, Jason: 112 Chapel Street, Luton.

Lambert, G.: 54 Collingdon Street, Luton.

Land, J.: 9 Taylor Street, Luton.

Large, Alfred: 43 Chobham Street, Luton.

Marlow, G.: 65 Hartley Road, Luton.

Marlow, J.: 62 Hartley Road, Luton.

Martin, Arthur: 20 Langley Place, Luton.

Manton, Horace: 21 Wimbourne Road, Luton.

Marlow, J.: 45 Hartley Road, Luton.

Mooring, J.: Offley.

Moss, H. W.: 49 May Street, Luton.

Odell, R.: 13 Dumfries Street, Luton.

Parsons, A.: 46 Chase Street, Luton.

Payne, Charles: 173 High Town Road, Luton.

Pearson, Charles: 1 King's Road, Luton.

Pestell, A.: 42 Guildford Street, Luton.

Poole, J.: 44 Chase Street, Luton.

Poulton, J.: 27 Ashton Street, Luton.

Pugh, H.: 7 Hampton Road, Luton.

Robinson, S. C.: 9 New Town Street, Luton.

Rudd, F.: 43 Court Road, Luton.

Saunders, F.: 54 Burr Street, Luton.

Smith, W.: 4 Henry Street, Hemel Hempstead.

Titmus A.: 40 Milton Road, Luton.

Waterworth, H. J.: 11 Ebenezer Street, Luton.

Weadey, G.: Stockwood Park, Luton.

Webb, W. H.: 1 Front Street, Slip End.

[The Luton News, October 1st, 1914]