Queen Square School Roll of Honour

Queen Square Boys School Roll of Honour published in The Luton News on February 18th, 1915.


Chief Petty Officer C. Dimmock, HMS Good Hope

George Peach, HMS Ajax

Joe Smith, HMS Natal

Fred Crawley, HMS Tamar

Maurice Steff, HMS Actaeon

1st Class Seaman Gunner Fred Nicholls, HMS Benbow

Leo Tuffnell, HMS Powerful

Arthur Bowler, National Nautical School

Pte Sidney Barford, R.M.L.I., HMS Europa

Arthur Olney, HMS Powerful

A. V. Boddington, RN Hospital, Chatham

Sidney Pratt, HMS Ganges



Sec-Lieut W. G. Evans, Norfolk Regt

Army schoolmaster A. J. King

Pte Arthur Fensome, 1st Beds

Pte Alfred Edward Lawrence, 1st Beds

Pte Joseph Plater, 1st Beds

Pte Bert Steele, 1st Beds

Pte James Bishop, 1st Beds

Pte Harry Bacchus, 2nd Beds

Pte Charles Gregory, 2nd Beds

Pte Alfred Wilson, 2nd Beds

Pte Arthur Wilson, 2nd Beds

Pte Percy Day, 3rd Beds

Pte Arthur Marsh, 3rd Beds

Pte Edwin Northwood, 3rd Beds

Pte Charles Warboys, 3rd Beds

Pte D. O. Leverett, 4th Beds

Sgt Edward Norton, 5th Beds

Sgt Arthur Ward, 5th Beds

Sgt William Allen, 5th Beds

L-Cpl W. A. Gething, 5th Beds

Pte R. Abbott, 5th Beds

Pte Bert Allen, 5th Beds

Pte W. Ansell, 5th Beds

Pte Arthur Bacchus, 5th Beds

Pte C. Baldwin, 5th Beds

Pte Albert Barton, 5th Beds

Pte Bert Cleaver, 5th Beds

Pte George Cook, 5th Beds

Pte A. Cordwell, 5th Beds

Pte F. Custance, 5th Beds

Pte L. Dimmock, 5th Beds

Pte Jack Farnham, 5th Beds

Pte L. Farnham, 5th Beds

Pte Jack Fisher, 5th Beds

Pte Sidney Fleckney, 5th Beds

Pte George Grover, 5th Beds

Pte Arthur Holland, 5th Beds

Pte V. Johnson, 5th Beds

Pte Albert Marsh, 5th Beds

Pte Jack Mitchell, 5th Beds

Pte Bert Moss, 5th Beds

Pte F. T. Pakes, 5th Beds

Pte Charles Pettengell, 5th Beds

Pte J. G. Reeve, 5th Beds

Pte Henry Rodell, 5th Beds

Pte Horace Saunders, 5th Beds

Pte F. Smith, 5th Beds

Pte Harry Smith, 5th Beds

Pte H. Smith, 5th Beds

Pte H. Stokes, 5th Beds

Pte T. Shaw, 5th Beds

Pte R. Walker, 5th Beds

Pte G. H. Brown, 5th Beds

Pte Fred Ivory, 5th Beds

Pte Fred Cooper, 5th Beds

Pte Jack Green, 5th Beds

Pte Stan Shaw, 5th Beds

Pte Edward Dobbs, 5th Beds

Sgt Sian Day, 5th Beds

Pte A. Day, 5th Beds

Pte Lewis Parson, 6th Beds

Pte Cecil Robinson, 7th Beds

Pte P. Sterry, 7th Beds

Pte Charles A. Clarke, 7th Beds

Pte J. Mimms, 7th Beds

Pte William Perry

Pte Albert Young

Pte James Cooper

Pte Edwards A. Basil

Pte Thomas Green

Pte Ernest Kilby

Pte P. B. Halfhead

Pte S. G. Halfhead

Pte G. W. Roph

Pte William Parsons

Pte H. W. Humpris (former teacher)

Pte Alec Smith

L-Cpl Alfred Ward, 1st Beds

Pte F. Ward, 1st Beds

Cpl J. Ward, 5th Beds

Pte Arthur Ward, 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers

Drummer Dimmock, 1st Beds

Leonard Johnson, 5th Beds

H. W. Carter, 5th Beds

H. H. Day, 5th Beds



Cpl J. H. Ireland, R.F.A. (2nd Herts)

Richard Oliver, R.F.A. (1st Lincs)

W. E. Russell, R.F.A. (1st Lincs)

L. Bunnage, R.F.A. (1st Lincs)

A. Custance, R.G.A.

Gunner James Aylott, R.F.A. (49th Battery_

Gunner Henry Aylott, R.F.A. (122nd Battery)

Daniel Conolly, R.F.A. (Lincs)

Alec Smith, R.F.A. (2nd Lincs).



L-Cpl Joe Turvey

George Andrews

Ralph Ansell

Fred Bonner

George Dawes

Fred Powell

J. W. Russell

P. Shaw

A. Smith

W. Smith

Charles Wallis

F. Bavister

E. Euinton

H. C. Wilson

Stanley Mimms

Stanley Euinton

F. C. Brice

John Lawford

H. Pratt

C. Abrahams

Jack Barton

Albert Wallis

Ernest Hoar

Sidney Farr

A. Mimms



Sgt M. Coombes

Pte J. Bunnage



Pte A. Clark

Pte Fred Millard

Pte Arthur Barton

Pte James Cooper

Pte V. Bunnage

Pte Fred Warboys

Pte Fred Croft

Cpl S. Warner



Pte Matthew Farr, Beds Yeomanry

Pte Percy Clark, Beds Yeomanry

Sgt Andrews, Rifle Brigade

Rifleman Horace Odell, Rifle Brigade

Rifleman W. Palfrey, Rifle Brigade

Rifleman Charles Farr, King's Royal Rifles

Rifleman William Farr, King's Royal Rifles

Rifleman Herbert Sibley, King's Royal Rifles

Rifleman S. Brandon, King's Royal Rifles

Pte Lionel Evans, Queen's West Surrey

Rifleman Harry Plater, King's Royal Rifles

Pte Tom Swain, Grenadier Guards

Pte Cecil Aylott, Grenadier Guards

Pte Percy Trigg, Scottish Borderers

Pte W. S. Uwins, 10th Londons

Pte A. J. Wickson, 10th London

Cpl Joe Shaw, 17th London

Pte Edley Fisher, 23rd London

Pte Hedley Euinton, 24th London

Pte Bert Euinton, 24th London

Pte George Smith, 24th London

Pte William Hockley, 24th London

Pte Fred Weedon, Kitchener's Army

Pte Sid Ansell, Kitchener's Army

Pte Arthur Nicholls, Kitchener's Army