Recruits from Luton Hoo estate


From James Baker, agent for Lady Wernher, at the Estate Office, Luton Hoo, a list of men from the estate and mansion serving their country.


Sapper G. AYLOTT, Royal Engineers.

Lieut A. S. D. BAIRD-DOUGLAS, King's Own Lancaster Regt (wounded and prisoner).

Lieut C. G. BAKER, 6th East Surrey Regt.

Conducteur V. F. BAKER, French Ambulance.

Pte F. BUNYAN, 5th Beds Regt

Pte F. BUTLER, 12th (Royal) Lancers.

Pte J. CHERRY, Beds Regt.

Pte F. CLARK, Beds Regt.

Pte J. CREW, 1st Beds Regt (killed).

Pte L. COOT, Beds Regt.

Pte A. E. CRICK, East Anglian Royal Engineers.

Pte S. DEVIS, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.

Pte J. DYER, 5th Beds Regt.

H. FAUCHAUX, French Army (missing).

Pte R. FARR, Beds Regt.

Sgt E. FENWICK, 7th Beds Regt.

L-Cpl G. FENWICK, 7th Beds Regt.

Pte A. FLITTON, 1st Beds Regt.

Pte F. GOODALL, Queen's Westminsters.

L-Cpl E. HARMER, 7th Beds Regt.

Pte E. HARRIS, Beds Regt.

Pte G. HILL, Beds Regt.

Pte C. HUNT, 5th Beds Regt.

Pte W. HUNT, 5th Beds Regt.

Pte G. KIDMAN, 6th Beds Regt.

Pte C. W. KING, 5th Leicester Regt.

Pte W. KIBBLE, Army Service Corps.

Cpl R. LONGHURST, East Anglian Royal Engineers.

L-Cpl W. MAKIN, Royal Marine Light Infantry.

Pte T. MILLS, Herts Yeomanry.

Pte R. NEVESON, London Scottish.

Sapper E. PATEMAN, Royal Engineers.

Pte G. PADDISON, Herts Regt (wounded).

Pte R. ROLFE, Beds Regt.

Pte J. SHEPPARD, 5th Beds Regt.

Pte R. STAGG, 5th Beds Regt.

Pte R. SMITH, 5th Beds Regt.

Pte W. TOYER, Beds Regt.

Pte J. VARLEY, Herts Yeomanry.

Pte H. WEBB, 5th Beds Regt.

Pte F. WHITE, Royal Bucks Hussars.

Sapper W. WILSON, Royal Engineers.

Farrier G. WARD, Army Service Corps.

Mr Baker added: "We have no unmarried eligible men left, and I think this is very creditable. Lady Wernher has encouraged our efforts in recruiting in every way, and all the married men and those with dependants on them who have enlisted are receiving half pay."

[The Luton News, Thursday, July 8th, 1915]