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George Kent's War Memorial

The centre panel of this war memorial, originally located at the Luton Works of George Kent,  records the names of members of the firm who lost their lives in the Great War either in the armed services or in explosions caused by the manufacture of armaments. The side panels unusually record the members of the firm who served in the armed forces and survived.

George Kent's factory

George Kent Ltd, meter manufacturers opened premises in Luton in 1908 and by 1914 employed 450 male workers. Within a few days of the outbreak of war they offered to assist the government in the production of armaments. By 1918 they had 8000 mostly female employees on two sites and were producing 140,000 shell fuses per week.

RFA Challenge Cup (The Military Cup)

This cup was presented to South Beds Golf Club in 1916 by officers from the Artillery Training School at Biscot Camp in appreciation for the facilities offered to them by the Club.  During the war, the Galley Hill area of the course was used as a rifle range on weekdays which led to the suspension of competitions, although social golf continued at the weekends including, for the first time, Sunday golf and weekend golf for ladies. The officers in charge of the camp were given the freedom of the course and made honorary members of the Club.

Picture Postcards from the Great War (French)

Sending, receiving and collecting picture postcards was very popular in the Great War. Many soldiers on active service on the Western Front  would buy postcards in local shops as souvenirs or to send home to loved ones. The subject matter was usually romantic and sentimental.

These examples were lent to the project by a member of the Horsler family whose ancestors' WW1 story is told here.


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