The Battle of Pozières

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23rd July 1916 to 7th August 1916


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The Battle of Pozières was a two-week struggle for the French village of Pozières and the ridge on which it stands, during the middle stages of the 1916 Battle of the Somme. Though British divisions were involved in most phases of the fighting, Pozières is primarily remembered as an Australian battle. The fighting ended with the Allied forces in possession of the plateau north and east of the village, in a position to menace the German bastion of Thiepval from the rear. The cost had been enormous for both sides and in the words of Australian official historian Charles Bean, the Pozières ridge "is more densely sown with Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth."

Date 23 July – 7 August 1916
Location Pozières, Somme, France
Result British victory
 British Empire  German Empire
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Douglas Haig
United Kingdom Hubert Gough
United Kingdom William Birdwood
German Empire Fritz von Below
German Empire Max von Boehn
12 divisions  
Casualties and losses
I Anzac Corps: c. 23,000  

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