Concert for Mrs F. Jackson

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3rd February 1917

Luton ward

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The Luton News , 1st February 1917

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1917-02-01 00:00:00
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Today at the Y.M.C.A Hall, the Biscot boys gave another of their excellent concerts, this being for the benefit of Mrs. Jackson, mother of the late Gunner Jackson.

The Biscot boys provided much of their time to local charitable objects, and displayed considerable talent on all public appearances.

Performing were:

  • Lieut. A. J. Cross (baritone)
  • Lieut. F. H. Howell (humorist)
  • Sergt. J. Rowson (monologuist)
  • Corporal Withers and Gunner Heaysman (vocalists)
  • Sergt. Potter, and Saddler Owen (humorists)
  • Gnr. Hedley (conjurer)
  • Gnr. E.E. Jeffs (violinist)
  • Dvr. W. C. Vallins (humorist)
  • Miss Dorothy Longstaffe (contralto)
  • Mr. S. Heath (bass)
  • Sergt. Royston (piano)
  • Capt. Lane P.R.I. (MC)

Gunner Jackson was a bomb-thrower, and did excellent work during the twelve months he was at the Front. After being wounded he returned to England, and was stationed in the neighbourhood, and died as the result of an unfortunate accident. His mother, who has lost her husband and two other sons in the war, was solely dependent upon this remaining son.

The Biscot boys hoped to raise £100 for this poor war-stricken mother, and the public were requested to send donations to Cpt. C. Lane, B.S.M. Rann, or Gnr. A. E. White, at Biscot.

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