A Concert for the Wounded at Wardown

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2nd February 1918

Luton ward

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The Luton News , 7th February 1918

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1918-02-07 00:00:00
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At Wardown (Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital sic) on Saturday, a concert was arranged by Mr. A.F. Lowe, several ladies and a gentleman assisting.

Mr. Lowe opened the concert with a pianoforte solo, "Polka de la Reine," which delighted the audience. Included in his other selections were "Autumn" and "Ballad in A flat (Chopin)". Miss Scafth Dixon sang "Break o' day", "Islington on May Day","Buy my strawberries","When you come home." Mrs. Lowe sang "Keep hoping" and "The Fairy Pipers." Mr. A.W. Firman's songs were "The Watchman","Floral Dance","Ship mates o' mine." Mr. Dawson's violin solos were much enjoyed, including "Heri Carti","Pleading (Haydn Wood)","Humoreske" and "Derdla Serenade."

At the end of the programme, which was continuous for two hours, Mr. Lowe responded to the request of the soldiers and played "Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana" Mendelssohn's "Spring Song" and one of his own studies. A sergeant present expressed the thanks of the audience to the friends for giving them such an enjoyable evening, and Mr. Firmin responded for the artistes.

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