Visit of Capt. Albert Ball

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18th March 1917

Luton ward

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The Luton News , 22nd March 1917

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1917-03-22 00:00:00
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Albert Ball

Capt. Albert Ball (V.C. D.S.O. M.C.) , the hero of a hundred air fights, who was billeted in Luton in the early days of the war as a Lieutenant in the North Midland Division, and has since won distinction after distinction by his work in the Royal Flying Corps, revisited Luton on Sunday week.

He came to pay a visit to friends, and arrived about three o'clock in a single-seater craft, and after flying over the town alighted in Crawley's field at the back of Ashburnham Road, near to where he was once billited.  A great crowd was quickly on the scene, and after a lengthy stay he departed and returned later in a larger machine.

When it became known who the distinguished airman was, several in the crowd expressed a desire for a flight with the hero, and Clerk-Inspector Duncombe, of the Borough Police Force, was taken for a couple of minutes' flight over the town.

Captain Ball died on the 5th May 1917, and is buried in Annoeullin Communal Cemetery.

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Albert Ball

Author: David Watson

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