Rifleman Arthur Hawes

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Date of Death

16 Aug 1917

War time / or Pre War occupation

Straw hat stiffener


George Roe, Dudley Street

Service Number


Place of Birth

United Kingdom

World War I Address

18 Dudley Street
United Kingdom

Place of Death


Grave Location

No known grave

War Memorial Location

Soldier or Civilian

  • Soldier


The Luton News , 29th November 1917
Rifleman Arthur Hawes

Rifleman Arthur Hawes, 41477, 11/13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles, was killed in action on August 16th, 1917. Three months later he was still listed merely as missing, leading to an appeal by his widowed mother for information.

Arthur Hawes had joined the Bedfordshire Regiment (No. 2959) and served in the Dardanelles in the machine gun section. There he was wounded in the back on September 19th, 1915, and was sent back to England after treatment at the Tique Hospital in Malta. He was stationed at Halton Park until drafted out to France in January 1917 and transferred to the Royal Irish Rifles.

He lived at 18 Dudley Street, Luton, with widowed mother Kate (her husband James died in 1908) and sister Lily. He was employed as a straw hat stiffener by manufacturer George Roe, of 4 Dudley Street.

Individual Location

Rifleman Arthur Hawes

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