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P. Hughesman , 12th May 2014
Page from Guestbook showing sketch

20 Collingdon Street was used as a billet during WWI, by soldiers stationed in the area.

A billet is an ordinary private house that is being used to house (billet) service personnel.

The military authorities would pay the owners a rent in exchange for board and lodging for the soldiers staying in that property.

This guestbook is full of notes, drawings, paintings, poems and other messages from men who were posted to Biscot Camp in Luton, plus many from the other regiments that were in Luton during WW1, particularly the North Midlands Division. It provides a fascinating insight into the minds of the men who were stationed in Luton, who came from elsewhere in the UK.

The full scanned guestbook can be downloaded from the media menu on the left in .pdf format. The document has not been transcribed, so feel free to use the comments space below (if you are registered and logged in) to record any transcriptions you may do.

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Page from Guestbook showing sketch

Author: David

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