Chaul End rail ticket

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Chaul End rail ticket

A third class return ticket which allowed one week's travel between Dunstable and Chaul End on the Great Northern line during World War One. They were available to munition workers at the George Kent Fuse [Fuze] Works at Chaul End, where a temporary halt was erected to cater for them.

Unfortunately, fare dodging had become rife by 1918 and when one lad was taken to court for seeking to evade payment, the railway company's solicitor described “quite an epidemic of these offences”.

The lad, who pleaded guilty and was fined £1, took advantage of the fact that when the train arrived at Church Street in Dunstable it had to pull up twice as the train was longer than the platform. He jumped off the train while tickets were being examined on its first stop and on again when the train pulled up a second time.

Chaul End rail ticket

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