D Battery War Diary March 1918

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United Kingdom







MARCH   1918



Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. R.E.A. Le MOTTEE


Mar 1

Capt. J.S.B. RIDGE joined for duty with “D” Bty


Capt. H. GLOVER joined for duty with “D” Bty


Mar 2

8 Horses from Luton

8 Horses to Swaythling


1 Fitter to B.E.F.


Mar 5

2nd Lieut. H. DAY joined for duty


Mar 6

18 details to B.E.F.


Mar 7

T.M.B. visited camp


6 Horses to Swaythling


Mar 8

26 details from 67th Div. Arty.


2nd Lieut. J.L. MAYHEW attd. “D” Bat.


Mar 9

2nd Lieut. J.V. WILSHIN joined for duty


Mar 10

11 details to B.E.F.


Mar 11

2nd Lieut. H. TALBOT joined for duty

                  A.R. THOMPSON

“                E.A. MORTLEMAN         “


Mar 12

30 recruits from No. 4 Depot


Mar 13

2nd Lieut. R.D. REED to B.E.F.


Mar 15

2nd Lieut. E.J. PYKE joined for duty


Mar 16

6 details to A.A. Depot I of W.


Mar 18

2nd Lieut. B.V. CROAL joined for duty

                 G. FORSYTH

                 P.W. GOODIN

“                B.W. HAMILTON          “


Mar 19

2nd Lieut. V.A.H. DRAPER joined for duty

Mar 20

2nd Lieut. J.B. LIEBERT to B.E.F.

“               D.M. FINDLAY      “


Mar 21

8 Horses to Seaford.


3 Horses from N.M. Hospital


Mar 22

Category draft from Ripon.


2nd Lieut. C.E. OSBORNE joined


Mar 23

25 Horses and 25 Mules from Shirehampton


Lieut. W.H.C. BAKER joined for duty


2nd Lieut. OCKELFORD joined for duty

                 R.A. H TURNER

                 R.V.S. GOODEY              “


Summer Time Commenced


Mar 25

N.C.O’s Draft arrived.


2nd Lieut. B.W. LEAVERSUCK joined for duty


Mar 26

2 Ftr. S. Sgts. To B.E.F.


6 L.D. Horses from Remounts, Luton


Mar 27

30 Recruits from Woolwich


13 details to B.E.F.


11 Horses and 14 Mules to Swaythling


Mar 28

2nd Lieut. F.T. NEWLAND to B.E.F.

“                D. STUART               “


Mar 30

24 Details to B.E.F.




Luton 1/5/1918

“Signature” Captain, Commanding “D” Battery. No. 6 Reserve Brigade R.F.A.T



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