Luton Town FC - 1919-20 Handbook

The handbook includes a review of Luton Town's  1914-15 season in the Southern League and the 1916-17  season in the Combination league. It also lists the Luton Town players who served in the Army during the War and those who were killed or wounded.

At the start of the 1914-15 season Luton Town had just been promoted to the First Division of the Southern League. Despite many of their players enlisting they were able to continue the season partly as a result of a number of players who had joined the Footballers Battalion being allowed to continue turning out to play before going overseas.

The following season 1915-16  the Southern League was discontinued and Luton Town played only friendly games for the first half of the season. In the second half they played in the London Combination League and again in 1916-17 when Simms of Luton was the top goal scorer. At the end of that season the Combination League decided to restrict their games to London clubs to reduce travel.

The handbook records that the following Luton Town players  joined the Colours:

Ernest J Dodd (Killed in Action); Arthur Wileman MM (Killed in Action); Frank Gilder (Killed in Action)

Ernest Simms (wounded); Frank Lindley (wounded); Westby Heath (wounded); Arthur Roe (wounded); Sid Hoar (gassed);

John Dunn; T T Wilson; R W Frith; F Hawkes; J Brandham; H P Roberts

Of former Luton players it is known that Jock Jarvie and George Porter were also killed.

The photographs below show some of these players including Jarvie, Wileman and Dodd who were killed in action.



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