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Under A.C.I. 1588, dated 14th August 1916, No. 6 Artillery Territorial Force, to consist of Headquarters and 3 Batteries.


The Batteries were designated “A”, “C”, “D” respectively.


“A” Battery, consisted of 3/1st, 3/2nd and 3/3rd London Brigades R.F.A. (T)

 Major ALLBERRY commanding.


“C” Battery,  consisted of 3/5th and 3/6th London Brigades R.F.A. (T)

Major FITCH commanding.


“D” Battery, consisted of 3/7th London Brigade R.F.A. (T) and 3/2nd London D.A.C.

Major TURNER commanding.


The R.F.A. details remained with their present batteries except “B” Battery.  These were divided equally between the new “A”, “C”, and “D” Batteries.


Remarks by Commandant on the above reorganisation:


In circulating the above order reducing the establishment of this Reserve Brigade to 3 Batteries, the Commandant regrets that the redistribution involved will break up many personal associations amongst both Officers, N.C.O’s and Men.


He wishes it to be understood that the Battery to be absorbed was selected solely by the Division to which it belonged, and not the lack of efficiency in its training.


Similar reductions have been made in many other units under a comprehensive War Office Scheme and the Commandant hopes that all ranks will accept their new allocation with good spirit and continue the same high standard of  discipline.


Sept 1

50 Gunners were transferred to 4 “A” Reserve Brigade for drafting Overseas.


Capt. CLARK was transferred to Leeds Anti-Aircraft Defences.


Lieut. J.C. GODMAN proceeded Overseas on transfer to the Somaliland Camel Corps.


Sept 2

The under mentioned Officers proceeded Overseas


Lieut. RYDER




Sept 2

16 Artificers were transferred to 2nd Line as under


6 to 47th Division

6 to 56th Division

4 to 60th Division


Sept 5

50 Drivers were transferred to 4 “A” Reserve Brigade for drafting overseas


Sept 6

A Staff Captain of Remounts inspected the horses at their ordinary work and in stables


Sept 7

Lieut. MASSEY 281st London Brigade joined, and was taken on strength of 3/2nd London Brigade R.F.A. (T)


2ND Lt. BARBER            proceeded Overseas

“           DOBLE

“           RANDOLPH                         “


8 Artificers were transferred to 56th Division (2nd Line)


Sept 11

Capt. C.P. BERTIE 3/6th London was transferred to R.F.C


Sept 14

1 N.C.O and 52 Men were transferred to No. 7 Reserve Brigade Artillery TF at Winchester


A representative from War Office gave a Lecture on the Interpretation of Aerial Photography – 25 Officers were detailed to attend this lecture.


Sept 18

2nd Lt. C.E. DAVENPORT was transferred to R.F.C.


200 Category Bi Recruits were transferred as follows


 70 to 336th Brigade at Canterbury

130 to 337th                  “


Sept 19

50 Gunners transferred to 47th Divisional Artillery (2nd Line)


Sept 20

162 N.C.O’s and Men proceeded Overseas

Conducting Officers Lt. CAWSTEN and 2nd Lt. WIGG


Sept 21

2 N.C.O’s, 43 Gunners and 24 Drivers proceeded overseas to Salonika for Pack Transport Duties.


Sept 24

2nd Lt. W.C. PEARCE 3/5th Lond. Bde. R.F.A. transferred to 235th Bde. Overseas


Sept 25

2nd Lt. G. DAVIS transferred to R.F.C. Oxford


The following Officers proceeded Overseas.

Lieut.  A.F. WAYLEN      3/3rd Lond. Bde. R.F.A.

Lieut   N.A.E. MASSEY    3/2nd               “

2nd Lt. A.M. COLE          3/6th               “

Sept 25

The under mentioned Officers were taken on the strength


2nd Lt.  C.F. DEADELL  3/5th London. Bde. R.F.A.

“            R. PEACOP                            “


2nd Lt. T.P. MIDDLETON 3/5th Lond. Bde. Transferred to R.F.C.


Sept 27

180 Cii Infantry from Crawley Camp attached for employment duty.


Sept 30

2nd Lt. J.C. BALLARD joined from 291st Brigade R.F.A.


The following casualties occurred amongst the Horses of the Brigade during the month of September 1916.


178 Joined

157 Transferred

2 Died or Destroyed

Leaving a total strength of 488


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