St Mary's Church Memorial

Current Location

St Mary's Church
Church Street
United Kingdom


A memorial plaque to the men who lost their lives in the Great War.

Hedley Angel

Albert Barton

John Vincent Blackburn

Ballantyne Blake

Henry Bunyan

Archibald Clark

Cecil Moore Coombs

Brian Clarke Cumberland

Percy Hayden Day

Richard Cyril Eades

Hedley Euinton

Lionel Bart Evans

Frank Fane

George Alfred Folks

William Wallace Gadsby

Arthur Edward Gadsby

Alfred Gadsby

Walter Seabrook Gay

Cyril Burberry Gibbons

Eric Arthur Grace

Reginald Cumberland Green

Bert Green

Harry Dennis Gutteridge

Lawrence Victor Haywood

Percy Albert Horwood

Clarence Sidney How

Frederick Leonard Marshall

Herbert George Merchant

James Hubert Mimms

Percy Edward Rickard

Arthur George Starkings

Joseph Smith

Francis Joseph Turner

Alexander Pigott Wernher

Thomas Coates Johnson Wing

Bertram Norman Birchmore

Augustus Fensome

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