Society of Friends Hall

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes The Society of Friends meeting hall:

Society of Friends (Quakers) – First became connected with Luton in 1655, and claims to be the oldest of the Free Churches in South Beds. The meeting house stands in Castle Street – partly hidden by trees and surrounded by grassy grave mounds. The Friends started the Friends Adult School in 1862, and a new and commodious assembly hall was opened in 1907.

King Street Congregational Church

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes King Street Congregational Church:

King Street Congregational Church, is a Gothic building of beautiful proportions, and was opened in 1866. It stands on a commanding site and has a lofty spire, 130 ft high. Seating accommodation for 1150 persons.


  • Pastor, Rev E.B. Mahon B.A.
  • Secretary, Mr H. Stanbridge, London Road.
  • Treasurer, Mr J. Johnstone haye.

Wellington Street Chapel

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes Wellington Street Chapel:

Wellington Street Chapel – Members of the Old Baptist and Union Chapels formed this church, which was started in 1846. Still known as the New Baptist. Seating accommodation for 900.


  • Minister, Rev F.C. Hughes.
  • Church Secretary, Mr H.C. Rudd, Milton House, Dunstable Road.

Mount Tabor Chapel

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes Mount Tabor Chapel:

Third Circuit – Mount Tabor, at the corner of Hibbert Street and Castle Street, is the head, and has seating accommodation for 700 worshippers.


  • Minister Rev. W. Barnsley.


  • Dunstable Road Mission is in this circuit.
    • Circuit Steward, Mr T. Norton.

Park Town Chapel

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes the Park Town Chapel:
Second Circuit – Park Town is the head of this circuit. Built in 1864; accommodation 300.
  • Minister: Rev. A. Fawcett
  • Church Street Chapel was built in 1880 and will seat 400 persons.
    • Circuit Steward, Mr J. Pickering.

High Town Chapel

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes the High Town Chapel:

First Circuit – High Town Chapel is the head. The old chapel now used as a lecture hall and Sunday School was built in 1852. The new church provides accommodation for 800 people, and was opened in 1898.



  • Ministers: Rev J. Ritson. W.F. Clulow and S. Dobson (supernumerary).



Waller Street Wesleyan Chapel

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes the Waller Street Wesleyan Chapel:

Waller Street Chapel is a solid building. Foundation stone laid in 1863. Seating accommodation 1100.


  • Ministers Revs George Charter, E.E. Ormiston, Arthur F. Wolton and H. Scholefield (supernumerary).
  • Circuit Stewards: Messers G. Dimmock and G. Newbold.


  • The old Wesley Chapel in Church Street.
  • North Street Mission.
  • Round Green Mission.
  • Central Mission.

Chapel Street Wesleyan Chapel

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes the Chapel Street Wesleyan Chapel:

Chapel Street Circuit – Chapel Street Chapel (Locally known as the Big Wesleyan) was opened in 1852, and is one of the largest places of worship in Methodism.


  • Ministers: Revs Frank Hall, Thomas May M.A., A.S. Bishop.
  • Circuit stewards, Messers H. Arnold and S. Farmer.


The chapels in Luton connected with the circuit are:

  • Bailey Hill
  • Dallow Road
  • Dunstable Road

St Paul's Church

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes St Paul's Church:

St Paul’s Church, erected in 1890; seating accommodation 700. Possesses a carved reredos.


  • Vicar Rev T. Bulman
  • Churchwardens Messers W.W. Merchant and A. Turner.
  • Nurse, Nurse Norman, 74 Langley Road.
  • C.E. Men’s Society.- Hon. Sec. Mr Thomas R. Worthington 33 Conway Road.


St Saviours Church

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes St Saviours Church:

St Saviours Church (Russell Street) – Foundation stone laid in 1877, but only the nave was built. In 1897 the north aisle was completed, seating accommodation 650.


  • Vicar, Rev J.C. Trevelyan
  • Curates Rev T.L Mackesy and Rev H.D. Baker
  • Churchwardens, Messers W.E. McGeorge and E.R. Richardson.



  • A small mission is Spring Place, was opened in 1906.

St Matthews Church

The Luton Yearbook 1914 describes St Matthews Church:

St. Matthews Church, erected in 1875, situated in High Town occupies a commanding site. Seating accommodation 800.


  • Vicar Rev. Harry Coate, appointed in 1894
  • Curate, Rev W.H. Hopkins
  • Wardens Messers T. Bodell, 59 Clarendon Road, and H.E Cain, 61 Clarendon Road
  • Organist Mr A. Burgess
  • Verger G. Newbury
  • Parish Nurse nurse Wintle, 1196 North Street.




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