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Any text on this site has been compiled by project volunteers, and the general public.

Every effort has been made, where appropriate, to ensure original text has been referenced to its source.

If you are aware of a violation of copyright, please contact the site administrator to arrange for citation  or removal where appropriate.



The images and photographs on this site are either:

  • Uploaded by users of Great War Stories, who - by the process of uploading - gave their permission to use the photographs on (URL) Uploaded images policy
  • Taken from the internet and used appropriately according to their license


The name of the photographer or source should always be mentioned in the vicinity of the image or photograph.

Unless otherwise stated by the license on the image's page, the image is copyrighted by the original photographer and cannot be used by anyone in any way. Except for the purposes of education and entertainment.


The only exception to this is Great War Stories, which has the right to use the image on the domain (URL), always providing the photographer's name in the vicinity of the displayed image.


Uploaded images policy

Great War Stories will only use images in conjunction with education and outreach within Luton and surroundings as part of the centenary commemorations, always accompanied with your name as photographer.

By uploading photos, you indicate you agree to the "Uploaded images policy" and following policy:


  • Do not upload images that do not belong to you without contacting the owner for copyright permission, or referencing the source under creative common licence..

This includes other people's photos and/or images collected from around the Internet. You are responsible for the image and it's content. Accounts that consist of such collections may be terminated at any time and having their content removed.

  • Only upload relevant images
  • Do not upload content that is illegal or prohibited.
  • Do not use your account to host web graphics like logos and banners.
  • Do not use Great War Stories for commercial purposes.