Beds Regt casualty lists, July 1st-7th, 1915


The following Beds Regiment casualties were published on July 1st, 1915.


Pte G. Mayne, 7877, 2nd Battalion.

Pte E. Miller, 6765, 2nd Battalion.

Pte S. Picton, 14515, 2nd Battalion.

Pte W. Saddington, 9723, 2nd Battalion.

Pte F. Smith, 4627, 2nd Battalion.

Pte F. Walker, 7410, 2nd Battalion.

Pte A. Watkins, 10399, 2nd Battalion.


Beds regt casualty lists published July 5th, 1915.


Pte Henry Samuel Parish (25), 3/7550, 2nd Battalion, May 15th, 1915 (Le Touret Memorial).



Pte Walter Juby, 8817, 1st Battalion, June 5th, 1915 (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord).

Bdsmn Luther Lionel Langford (22), 9276, 1st Battalion, June 9th, 1915 (Dickebusch New Military Cemetery).

L-Cpl Sidney Herbert Rush (10), 10268, June 8th, 1st Battalion, (Dickebusch New Military Cemetery).

Pte William Wat Tyler, 9450, 1st Battalion, June 8th, 1915 (Dickebusch New Military Cemetery).

Pte Henry James Wright (21), 4/6556, 1st Battalion, June 8th, 1915 (Dickebusch New Military Cemetery).



Pte George William Kidwell (18), 10296, 1st Battalion, April 24th, 1915 (Twickenham Cemetery).



Lieut H. A. E. Pearse, 3rd Battalion, attached 1st Battalion.

Pte W. J. Brown, 127762, 1st Battalion.

Pte A. Coker, 7716, 1st Battalion.

L-Cpl D. Dilley, 9694, 1st Battalion.

Pte A. E. Few, 15332, 1st Battalion.

Pte A. E. Lealand, 10436, 1st Battalion.

Pte A. Skelton,12596, 1st Battalion.

Pte A. Almond, 14183, 2nd Battalion.

Pte W. Collins, 5282, 2nd Battalion.

Pte A. Davies, 10354, 2nd Battalion.

Actg Cpl B. Fowler, 9148, 2nd Battalion.

Pte H. Gaunt, 13586, 2nd Battalion.

Pte H. Howe, 8485, 2nd Battalion.

Pye W. Hewett, 8832, 2nd Battalion.

Pte F. Money, 12934, 2nd Battalion.

Pte G. Newberry, 7571, 2nd Battalion.



Pte A. J. Cox, 13060, 1st Battalion.


Beds Regt casualty lists published July 7th, 1915.


Pte Jack Hardingham (25), 13033, 2nd Battalion, May 18th, 1915 (Le Touret Memorial)

Pte Percy Sell, 14142, 2nd Battalion, May 18th, 1915 (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuyinchy).



Pte E. Bladon, 9148, 2nd Battalion.

Pte P. Bray, 8730, 2nd Battalion.

Pte T. Cotts, 13305, 2nd Battalion.

Bndsmn W. Moore, 9611, 2nd Battalion.

Actg L-Cpl N. Oakins, 14464, 2nd Battalion.

Pte E. Richardson, 8559, 2nd Battalion.

Pte F. White, 7527, 2nd Battalion.

Pte C. Wilkinson, 7331, 2nd Battalion.

[The Luton News, Thursday, July 8th, 1915]