Beds Regt casualty lists: March 2nd-3rd, 1915


Beds Regiment names which appeared in the casualty list for Tuesday, March 2nd, 1915.


Bennett: Pte F. G., 9218

Coles: Pte G., 7442

Franklin: L-Cpl G. H., 8328

Litchfield: Pte P., 9314

Page: Pte C., 7427

Parles: L-Cpl J., 7160

Sharpe: Pte H., 6880

Spencer: Pte G., 7027

Stocker: Pte J. H., 6899

Stocker: Cpl H., 9474

Thurnham: Pte F. P., 8364

Webb: Pte G. W., 7643

Williams: Pte W., 7267



Dennis: Pte J., 6261

Hornley: Pte E., 6367

Sutton: Pte T., 9839


Beds Regiment casualty list, Wednesday, March 3rd, 1915.


Freeman: Pte George, 3/6633, 1st Battalion, January 29th, 1915 (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres).

Ings: Pte William (30), 8297, 2ns Battalion, January 24th, 1915 (Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix).

Smart: Pte George (24), 9491, 2nd Battalion, January 30th, 1915 (Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix).



Kirby: Pte William (19), 3/7191, 2nd Battalion, January 25th, 1915 (Merville Communal Cemetery).

Olney: L-Cpl Sidney John, 8475, 1st Battalion, January 29th, 1915 (Bailleul Communal Cemetery, Nord)



Day: Pte A. W., 7034

Furr: Pte H., 6885

Long: Pte G., 9438

Wardle: Pte L., 7172

[The Luton News, March 4th, 1915]