Casualties of war: December 28th, 1914

A list of 16 men of the Bedfordshire Regiment who gave their lives for their country was issued on December 28th, 1914. They were killed in action in between October 20th and 26th, 1914.

CHAPMAN Frederick, Pte 8946 [4][A]

*DOWNES Arthur, Pte 1074 [3][A]

DYER Lewis, 8142 [4][A]

FREEMAN Dr Richard Leonard, Pte 9752 [3][A]

GROOM David, Pte 8332 [3][B]

HURRICKS Walter, Pte 8289 [3][A]

JONES Charles Bridgestock, Pte 8873 [3][A]

MOULD James Sainsbury, Pte 8792 [3][A]

REEVE Percy, Pte 10160 [4][A]

SIMANTS Albert Samuel, Pte 8124 [2][A]

SINDEN Reginald Herbert, Pte 8902 [3][A]

SKINNER William, Pte 8190 [3][A]

TAYLOR Ernest James, Pte 10091 [1][A]

WARRELL Charles Kerrell, L-Cpl 7960 [3][A]

WILDMAN George, Pte 7354 [3][A]

WILSHER Edmund William, L-Cpl 7506 [3][A]

[1] Killed in action on October 20th, 1914

[2] Killed in action on October 23rd, 1914

[3] Killed in action on October 25th, 1914

[4] Killed in action on October 26th, 1914

[A] Commemorated at Le Touret Memorial

[B] Commemorated at Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy

[* The name in The Luton News list was Pte H. W. Downes, 10240. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission record shows that that Pte Downes was in fact killed on April 21st, 1915]

[The Luton News, December 31st, 1914]