Christmas plea from the front for children at home

A soldier's thank-you letter for gifts sent to troops at the front was accompanied by a plea to remember their children at home at Christmastime.

Company Quarter-Master Sergeant J. Horne, 2nd Battalion, Beds Regt, wrote that the NCOs and men of his company wished to thank the Luton Town Working Party for their excellent presents of shirts etc.

"These shirts were received by us whilst actually in the trenches, and I can assure you they were very acceptable and appreciated, especially by those individuals who were Lutonians.

"I hope you will not consider that our people of Luton who have been left behind are not being looked after, but I would like to request an appeal for the welfare of wives and children of Lutonians at present fighting for their country in this war.

"Christmas will soon be upon us and undoubtedly during peace the children of our soldiers who have been called up have been used to looking forward to this period for toys and various presents which they do not expect at any other time during the year, and we all sincerely trust that this will not be lost sight of during the coming Christmas.

"A good many of these families have not the means of meeting these demands owing to husbands and fathers being at the seat of war, hence my request that they should be more considered. I do not mean to surmise that all families are in need of this assistance, but there are cases in Luton where need is required in this direction.

"I also hope that you will not consider that this is a personal appeal, as although my wife is a Lutonian and at present residing at 53 Ivy Road, Luton, I am pleased to that neither she nor my family is in need of any such assistance, I myself being a regular soldier and holding a good position."

One of the cards from inside a shirt received at the front was included with the letter. It was inscribed: "From Luton Town Working Party, wishing you good luck."

[The Luton News, December 3rd, 1914]