Diamond Foundry men on active service

Diamond Foundry men

Eighteen of these 25 members of D Company, 17th Battalion, County of London Regiment, worked for the Davis Gas Stove Company in Dallow Road, Luton, before going on active service. The Davis employees are indicated in the list below with an asterisk against their names.

Pictured, left to right back row, are *F. E. Lloyd, *J. G. Martin, *J. Hastings, *J. Shaw, *W. Mitchell, *A. H. Strong, *D. Mongall, *D. Moffatt, *R. Shotbolt, *H. James, *J. Russell.

Middle row: *J. Matheson, *O. Bigmoor, Cpl Featherstone, Lieut P. W. Downs, *W. Parrott, F. Rookwood, *B. Pugsley.

Front row: *P. Murdoch, *P. B. Murdoch, H. Thrale, Bugler Wright, G. Spindler, E. Clarke, *J. Young.

[The Luton News. November 26th, 1914]