For King and country: March 4th, 1915


Who serves the King? More names of those who have joined the colours.

HARPER: Mr S. J., of 32 Brook Street, Luton, who is now serving with the 4th Battn, Beds Regt on the East Coast, is the third officer from the Board of Trade Labour Exchange at Luton to enlist. At present Mr Harper is on the sick list and in the Great Eastern Hospital, Harwich.

WHITTEMORE: Pte E. W., 4764, C Coy, 5th Battn, Beds Regt, Newmarket - 42 King's Road, Luton.

WHITTEMORE: Pte L. W., 3900, C Coy, 5th Battn, Beds Regt, Bury St Edmunds - 42 King's Road, Luton.

BRIERS: Seaman Leonard B, HMS Diamond - 1 Chiltern Rise, Luton.

CAMP: Sgt H., 2nd Battn, Beds Regt - Homewood, Crawley Road, Luton.

MIMMS: Sapper S., 2nd Field Company, East Anglian R.E., Yarmouth - 11 Peach Street, Luton.

MIMMS: Pte J., 7th (Service) Battn, Beds Regt, Hazelmere - 11 Peach Street, Luton.

[The Luton News, February 18th, 1915]


BLEANEY: Driver W., 56090, 16th Battery, Royal Field Artillery, British Expeditionary Force - 40 Chobham Street, Luton.

STEWART: James, 5th Battalion Beds Regt - 98 Grange Road, Luton.

STEWART: Peter, 5th Battalion Beds Regt - 98 Grange Road, Luton.

STEWART: James, HMS Victory, RN Barracks - 98 Grange Road, Luton.

WARMAN: Gunner J., 2nd Lincoln Batt, Royal Field Artillery, 1st Noth Midland Division - 232 High Town Road, Luton.

CLARK: Trooper E., West Kent Yeomanry, Hounslow - 9 Princess Street, Luton.

RUSSELL: Sapper J. V., 2nd Field Company, East Anglia RE - 3 Bailey Street, Luton.

LOVERICK: Sgt A., East Anglian RE, Norwich - 92 Ash Road, Luton.

HILL: Pioneer L. F., Signal Co, EARE, Bury St Edmunds - 24 Kenilworth Road, Luton,

COOPER: L-Cpl C., Bedfordshire Regt - 126 Oak Road, Luton.

ALLEN: Driver Victor J., No 469, 1st Divisional Ammunition Co, 1st North Midland Division, Expeditionary Force - 73 Warwick Road, Luton.

ALLEN: Francis James, No 6330, HMS Ganges, Shotley, Harwich - 73 Warwick Road, Luton.

SHARP: Sgt W., A Supply Co, Army Service Corps - 38 Tavistock Street, Luton.

JANES: Pte H., 3073, 5th Lincolns - 62 Beech Road, Luton.

SMITH: Pte H. S., 3328, 5th Lincolns - 164 Leagrave Road, Luton.

[Source: The Luton News, February 25th, 1915]


WOODHAM: Driver H., 61318, 87 Field Coy, Royal Engineers, Shorncliffe - 104 Bury Park Road, Luton.

RODGERS: Sapper W., 1468, 2nd Field Company, EARE - 40 Court Road, Luton.

CLARKE: Pte Sidney, 14263, C Coy, 7th Battalion, Beds Regt, Colchester - 5 New Town Street, Luton.

SHORTLAND: Pte F. H., 12374, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, British Expeditionary Force - 29 Hibbert Street, Luton.

BLAND: Pte F. D., CE, Army Service Corps, Home Counties Division, No 39 Motor Transport - Chiltern Green Station.

[The Luton News, March 4th, 1915]