Luton Engineers join foreign service unit

On Thursday 45 men of the Luton company which was formed as a reserve of the original Luton company of the East Anglian Divisional Royal Engineers left the home service unit here and joined the foreign service unit at Bury St Edmunds. The men, who were under the command of Lieut Barltrop, were:

E.M. Andrews

R.H. Ansell

A. P. Brown

F. Bodsworth

A. G. Butterfield

C. Clarke

A. Church

F. Darby

E. Dicker

A. F. Eyre

G. Faichnie

A. Fensome

H. H. Foster

H. Field

G. Graves

J. H. Graves

N. George

J. Harrison

F. Harding

P. G. Hensman

A. Healey

F. J. Holdstock

A. R. Hull

W. G. Ireland

A. W. Jones

A. Land

J. Laggett

J. W. Lawford

A. J. Legg

L. Long

T. W. Meechen

A. Millin

H. S. Mimms

A. Mimms

R. H. Moody

A. F. Pratt

G. H. Purton

G. F. Relfe

J. Russell

G. T. Stanbridge

S. Steedens

A. E. Scrivener

A. Smith

F. J. Taylor

E. Wilson

At Bedford they were joined by five Bedford men.

Those of the original Luton company who did not volunteer for foreign service will return here to continue their training with the home unit. Thirty-six recruits from Bedford have joined the men stationed at Luton. They marched over under Lieut Fielding.

On Saturday morning on their training ground at Winsdon Hill, the Luton (Reserve) Company were inspected by Lieut-Col Wells, commanding the East Anglian Royal Engineers.

Capt M. Mowat, formerly in command of the 2nd Field Company, has been promoted to Major. Capt E. G. Fiegehen, of Bedford, has come to Luton to take charge of the local company.

[The Luton News, October 22nd, 1914]