Luton men with the North Midland Division


The Mayor of Luton, Councillor W. J. Primett, desires to obtain a complete list of Luton men who are serving with the division. The first names sent in are:

ALLEN: 1353 Driver H.Allen, 1st North Midland Brigade, R.F.A. Ammunition Column - 13 Dorset Street, Luton.

ALLEN: 1469 Driver Victor J. Allen, 1st Divisional Ammunition Column - 73 Warwick Road, Luton.

BARRETT: 1467 Driver Bert Barrett, 5th Lincoln, 1st North Midland Brigade, R.F.A. - 23 Holly Walk, Luton.

BAVISTER: 049276 Pte George Bavister, 260 Coy, Army Service Corps (Mechanical TRansport), 1st North Midland Ammunition Column - 61 Castle Street, Luton.

BIRD: 1315 Gunner Percival Stewart Bird, 3rd Battery Lincs R.F.A. - 88 Reginald Street, Luton.

CLARK: 1426 Gunner W. Clark, 2nd Lincs Battery R.F.A. - 107a North Street, Luton.

CLAY: Pioneer Sgt Clay, Quatermaster's Stores, 5th Leicesters - 48 Princess Street, Luton.

COLLYER: 1433, Gunner H. Collyer, Headquarters Stores, 1st North Midland Brigade R.F.A., Expeditionary Force - 29 New Town Street, Luton.

CONOLLY: 1413 Gunner D. Conolly, Right Section, 2nd Battery North Midland R.F.A. - 7 Holly Walk, Luton,

COWLING: Driver C. Cowling, Ammunition Column, Notts R.F.A. - 52 Church Street, Dunstable.

DUMPLETON: 1425 Driver Percy Dumpleton, 2nd Lincs Battery, R.F.A. - Girtford, Waldeck Road, Luton.

EAMES: Sgt F. Eames, A.V.C., No 45 North Midland Division, Mobile Section, Expeditionary Force.

ELLIS: Driver Fred Ellis, 2nd Battery, D Sub, 1st North Midland Brigade - 38 Spencer Road, Luton.

ELLIS: 1312 Driver Sidney Ellis, 3rd Lincoln Battery R.F.A., 1st North Midland Brigade - 163 Wellington Street, Luton.

FACER: Lieut John Facer, Vet Officer,North Midland Ammunition Column, France - Hart Hill, Luton.

FENSOME: 8920 Cpl A. Fensome, 5 S. Staff Transport, B Company, 5th Battalion - 6 Langley Street, Luton.

FENSOME: 1512 Sapper C. Fensome, 2nd North Midland Field Company, R.E. - Osier Cottage, New Bedford Road, Luton.

FENSOME: 1513 Sapper W. Fensome, 2nd North Midland Field Company, R.E. - Osier Cottage, New Bedford Road, Luton.

FIRMIN: 1310 Gunner Alfred E. Firmin, 2nd Battery 1/1 North Midland B.F.A. Brigade - 21 Dunstable Road, Luton.

GATWARD: 1412 Driver Samuel Gatward, 1st North Midland Ammunition Column R.F.A. - 61 Hartley Road, Luton.

GREEN: 1316 Signaller Francis Edward Green, 3rd Battery Lincolns - 42 Wenlock Street, Luton.

HARPER: 1317 Gunner F. Harper, 2nd Lincs Battery, R.F.A., Expeditionary Force - 7 William Street, Luton.

HARRIS: 1492 Pte Frank Harris, 1st Battery North Midland Brigade R.F.A. - Redcot, St Peter's Road, Dunstable.

HARRIS: 1419 Acting Bombardier A. A. Harris, 1419, 2nd Lincs Battery R.F.A. - 2 Cromwell Road, Luton.

HAWKES: Gunner B. Hawkes, 1432, 2nd Lincs Battery R.F.A., British Expeditionary Force - 13 Bolton Road, Luton.

HAWKINS: Signaller Syd Hawkins, 3rd Battalion Lincoln R.F.A. - 76 Cowper Street, Luton.

HIGGS: 1417 Gunner Francis E. Higgs, 3rd Lincs Battery, R.F.A. - 85 Chapel Street, Luton.

IMPEY: 1358 Gunner Impey, 2nd Battalion F.A., 1st North Midland Division, British Expeditionary Force - 5 Jubilee Street, Luton.

JARVIS: Gunner Bert Jarvis, 2nd Lincoln Battery, 1/1 North Midland F.A. Brigade - 230 High Town Road, Luton.

JONES: 1311 Signaller Robert Fred Jones, 3rd Battery Lincs R.F.A. - 3 Manor Road, Luton.

KELL: Cpl Lancelot Kell, 2137, Signal Coy Despatch Rider - 10 Chapel Street, Luton.

LACEY: 1466 Gunner Edward George Lacey, HQ Staff R.F.A. (Lincolns) - 2 Hazelbury Crescent, Luton.

MARDELL: Driver Frank Mardell, 1313, 3rd Battery Lincs R.F.A. - Glen Ross, Reginald Street, Luton.

MARSHALL: Gunner Stanley George Marshall, A Sub, 2nd Battalion R.F.A. - 44 Camb ridge Street, Luton.

MORRIS: Gunner Sydney Morris, Lincoln R.F.A. - 20 New Town Street, Luton.

NELSON: Driver H. Nelson, 1472, Headquarters Staff, Lincoln R.F.A., 1st North Midland Division - 2 Crawley Road, Luton.

OLIVER: Gunner R. Oliver, 1/1st North Midland Brigade R.F.A., Expeditionary Force - 45 Henry Street, Luton.

PLUMMER: 1495 Driver H. Plummer, 1/1 North Midland F.A. Brigade, 2nd Lincs Battalion - 78 Princess Street, Luton.

REYNOLDS: Gunner George Reynolds, 1493, 1st North Midland Brigade Ammunition Column, Lincoln R.F.A. - 68 Cobden Street, High Town, Luton.

RICH: Pte F. G. Rich, Leicester R.A.M.C. - 13 Crawley Green Road, Luton.

RUSSELL: 1833 Gunner William Charles Russell, 1st Lancs Battery R.F.A. - 3 Bailey Street, Luton.

SANDERS: 1416 Gunner H. Sanders, 3rd Battery, Lincolns R.F.A. - 20 Cardigan Street, Luton.

SIBLEY: 1411 Driver Percy Sibley, Lincoln R.F.A., 2nd Battalion - 3 Peach Street, Luton.

SMITH: Driver H. E. Smith, 1470, 3rd Lincolns, 1st Battery, R.F.A., 1st North Midland Brigade - Leagrave Road, Luton.

SMITH: 3328 Pte H. S. Smith, 5th Lincolns - 164 Leagrave Road, Luton.

SNOWLING: 2830 Co Sgt-Major, D Company, 5th Lincolns, North Midland Division, British Expeditionary Force - 61 Malvern Road, Luton.

STURTIVANT: Driver B. Sturtivant, 1357, 1st North Midland Brigade R.F.A., Lincoln 2nd Battery - 42 Grange Road, Luton.

TARRIER: Driver Herbert Tarrier, 1st Battalion Lincs R.F.A. - 151 North Street, Luton.

TAYLOR: Gunner E. H. Taylor, 2nd Lincs Battery R.F.A., 1st North Midland Division - 42 Collingdon Street, Luton.

THRUSSELL: 1358 Driver Albert Edward Thrussell, R.F.A., British Expeditionary Force - 97 Church Street, Luton.

THRUSSELL: Driver H. Thrussell, 2nd Battery, Lincs R.F.A. - 97 Church Street, Luton.

TRUSSELL: 1428 Gunner J. W. Trussell, Headquarters Staff, 2nd Lincs Battery, 1st North Midland Division R.F.A., British Expeditionary Force, France - Homedene, Lilley.

TOMKINS: 1468 Driver Aubrey N. Tomkins, 1st Divisional Ammunition Column, 1st North Midland Division Expeditionary Force - 66 Talbot Road, Luton.

WALLER: Gunner Sydney Waller, 1497, 4th Lincs Royal Field Artillery - 12 Jubilee Street, Luton.

WARMAN: Gunner J. Warman, 2nd Battery, Lincs R.F.A. - 232 High Town Road, Luton.

[The Luton News, March 25th and April 1st, 1915]