Recruits to Regulars and Engineers

The following have joined the Regular Army through the medium of the recruiting office at the Luton Corn Exchange:

Abrahams W.

Brown H. T.

Chamberlain A.

Conisbee A.

Eldsdon E.

Halfhead P. B.

Halfhead S. G.

Halley W.

King J.

Lenton J. B.

Rolph G. W.

Smith F.


The following have enlisted at Luton with the East Anglian Engineers:

Bunker A.

Biggs A. J.

Cook C. H.

Cowell J.

Cawdell H.

Champkin A.

Dobbs G.

Dunkley R.

Dell W.

Evans P.

Euington S.

Farr S. H.

Hailey J.

Hobbs Arthur

Haley W.

Hoar E.

Hayward S.

Hobbs J. W.

Hughes W.

Lyon A.

Lowre H.

Murphy J.

Martin J. H.

Nash W.

Odell S.

Poulter F.

Rowe W. W.
Rough G.

Robinson E.

Shane W.

Stevenson J.

Suckling W.

Stairs R. J.

Sharpe H.

Toyer A. A.

Turvey T.

Turvey L. J.

Tufnell H. W.

Whitmore E. R.

Waller J.

Webb G.

Wallace A. W.

Young F. A.

[The Luton News, January 21st, 1915]