Serving the King: January 28th, 1915

Who serves the King? More names.

Walter G. AYLOTT: 1719, R.A.M.C., E.M.B.F.A. - 267 Dunstable Road, Luton.

Harold V. AYLOTT: 2336, 24th County of London Battn, "The Queen's" - 267 Dunstable Road.

Pte Bernard ALLEN: 1845, R.A.M.C., Woodbridge - 29 Hastings Street, Luton.

Gunner Frederick ALLEN: 57680, 14th (Reserve) Battery, R.F.A., Portsmouth - 29 Hastings Street, Luton.

E. Frank BARRETT: Ship's Steward's Assistant, RN Barracks, Devonport - Chesterford House, West Parade, Dunstable.

Pte G. BUMSTEAD: R.A.M.C., Eastern Mounted Field Ambulance - 5 Langley Road, Luton.

Petty Officer Arthur Norton BROWN: 1997, Squad 10, Section C, Royal Naval Air Service.

Pte Sidney T. COOK: 4700, C Co, 5th Battn, Beds Regt - 45 High Street, Markyate.

Pte S. DINES: A Coy, 7th Battn, Beds Regt, Hazelmere, Surrey - 39 Ashton Road, Luton.

Pte Arthur DILLINGHAM: 4th Battn, Beds Regt - 14 Dudley Street, Luton.

Sapper L. S. DONOVAN: E.A.R.E. - 252 High Town Road, Luton.

Cpl A. GROOM: 5th Battn, Beds Regt, Bury St Edmunds - 48 Highbury Road, Luton.

Driver Frank MARDELL: 3rd Battery, Lincoln R.F.A. - Glen Rose, 60 Reginald Street, Luton.

S. G. MARLOW: Officers' Steward, R.N.C. - 80 Kenilworth Road, Luton.

L-Cpl J. MATTHEWS: 19483, 11th Coy, R.E., attached 2nd Division, British Expeditionary Force, France - Tipple Hill, near Aley Green, Caddington.

Pte E. MATTHEWS: 61 Army Veterinary Corps, North Midland Division, Territorial Force - Tipple Hill, near Aley Green, Caddington.

Gunner Stanley George MARSHALL: 2nd Battery, Lincoln R.F.A. - 44 Cambridge Street, Luton.

Pte F. G. MILLARD: 18878, No 2 "Duke of Bedford" - 56 Cambridge Street, Luton.

Cpl A. E. MOBBS: 2nd Field Coy, E.A.R.E. - 96 Hampton Road, Luton.

Pte H. W. OVERY: 4735, 4th Battn, Royal Fusiliers, 3rd Infantry Base, Expeditionary Force - 56 Ashton Road, Luton.

Pte A. O. PRYER: Signal Service, Royal Engineers - 31 Moor Street, Luton.

Pte F. PHILPOT: 4th Battn, Beds Regt - 3 King's Road, Luton.

Pte A. B. PERRY: 20830, 14th Coy, 5th Battn, Grenadier Guards, Caterham Barracks - 38 Wenlock Street, Luton.

Pte W. SHARP: 885407, A Supply Co, Army Service Corps - 38 Tavistock Street, Luton.

Driver R. B. SHERGOLD: 206, 1st F.A.A.A.M.C., Australian Division, Mona Camp, Cairo - 78 Castle Street, Luton.

Pte T. STEVENSON: 6792, 11th Battn, Black Watch - 4 Butlin Road, Luton.

Driver A. WARD: 31065, Indian Expeditionary Force - Biscot, near Luton.


[Source: The Luton News, Thursday, January 28th, 1915]