Serving the King: January 7th, 1915

Latest additions to the list of local men serving King and country.


Harold ARMITAGE: Stoker, HMS Vanguard - 43 Tennyson Road, Luton.

Horace BINGHAM: Stoker, HMS Vanguard - Burr Street, Luton.

Frank DAY: 1st Class signal boy, HMS Ganges - 18 Highbury Road, Luton.

William GRAHAM: RNR, HMS Queen Mary - The Harrow, Hitchin Road, Luton.

Harold HAWKES: officer's steward, HMS Undaunted - Highbury Road, Luton.

George HELEY: 8th Mess, HMS Forward - 101 Church Street, Luton.

Harold SMITH: Officer's steward, HMS Undaunted - Harcourt Street, Luton.



Rfn S. BRANDOM: 4012, G Company, 6th Battalion, King's Royal Rifles Corps - 47 Chobham Street, Luton.

Driver J. COOMBES: 23600, Army Service Corps, British Expeditionary Force - 56 Langley Street, Luton.

Pte E. COLEMAN: 8972, B Company, 1st Beds Regt, 15th Brigade, British Expeditionary Force - 52 Dudley Street, Luton.

Bombardier H. H. COOPER: Expeditionary Force, Belgium - 4 Albert Terrace, Luton.

Pte James COOPER: RAMC, Woodbridge - 4 Albert Terrace, Luton.

Pte J. W. DOLLING: 1st Battalion, Beds Regt - 34 Grange Road, Luton.

Sapper C. FENSOME: 1512, 2 NMF Company, RE - 1 Reginald Street, Luton.

Gunner A. L. GARSIDE: 54162, Royal Garrison Artillery - 20 High Town Road, Luton.

Lce-Cpl Percy William GRAHAM: 2nd West Yorks, British Expeditionary Force, France - The Harrow, Hitchin Road, Luton.

Pte H. HELEY: 2239, 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers, Indian Expeditionary Force, 28th Brigade , Winchester - 101 Dudley Street, Luton.

Pte F. J. LACEY: 9986, A Company, 1st Northampton Regt, Expeditionary Force, France - 13 Albert Street, Markyate.

Driver Charles MAYHEW: 41932, RFA - 40 Lyndhurst Road, Luton.

Pte Francis Henry MOLE: 8615, B Company, 1st Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), British Expeditionary Force - 6 Arthur Street, Luton.

Pte R. S. NORMAN: 7th Battalion, Beds Regt - Tebworth, near Hockliffe.

Pte Harold PHILLIPS: No 4 Double Company, 3rd Beds Regt - 30 Cromwell Road, Luton.

Pte G. E. SIBLEY: 8631, D Company, 1st Beds Regt, Expeditionary Force - 45 Highbury Road, Luton.

Herbert SIBLEY: 5387, B Company, 2nd Battalion, King's Royal Rifles - 61 Russell Street, Luton.

Pte Horace SMITH: Warwickshire Regt - late of New Town Street, Luton.

Pte T. RICHARDS: 6084, 3rd Beds Regt, Expeditionary Force - 178 Park Street, Luton.

Pte David UNDERWOOD: 7435, A Company, 2nd Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force - 94 Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard.

Pte Jack UNDERWOOD: 5th Beds Regt, Newmarket - 94 Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard.

Pte T. UNDERWOOD: C Company, 2nd Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force - 94 Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard.

Sapper J. T. WARREN: EARE - 28 Granville Road, Luton.

Pte Arthur Percy WILSON: 9492, D Company, 2nd Beds Regt (from South Africa to the front) - 30 Queen Street, Luton.

Pte Haydn Cyril WILSON: 1322, Royal Engineers, WTR, E Company - 30 Queen Street, Luton.

[The Luton News, January 7th, 1915]