Serving the King: November 12th, 1914

The following are the latest additions to the list of sailors and soldiers from South Bedfordshire now serving the King.


Lieut Bryan S. BENNING, Royal Naval Air Squadron - West Street, Dunstable.

P.G. HERBERT: A.B., HMS Agamemnon - 60 Edward Street, Dunstable.

P. W. PLUMMER: HMS Marlborough - 10 Blyth Place, Luton.

Samuel WREN: A.B. R.F.R , official no. 1586, Mess No. 8, HMS Euryalus, Devonport Division - The Bungalow, Ramridge End, Stopsley.



Sidney BURGESS: Pte (7212), 1st Battn, Beds Regt, Expeditionary Force, St Nazaire, France - 48 Bury Park Road, Luton.

Charles BURKETT: Bombardier, Royal Field Artillery, Expeditionary Force - Stopsley.

T. HARRIS: Pte, 1st Battn, Beds Regt, 15th Infantry Brigade, Expeditionary Force - 23 Jubilee Street, Luton.

A. J. HATHAWAY: Gunner, Royal Field Artillery, heavy battery, Expeditionary Force - The Laurels, Biscot Road, Luton.

Arthur Charles HOWARD: Pte (10471), D Coy, Beds Regt - New Cottages, Kinsbourne Green, near Luton.

Fred HOWARD: Pte (15177), 2nd Grenadier Guards, Expeditionary Force - News Cottages, Kinsbourne Green, near Luton.

Alfred HUMPHREY: Trooper (3561), 3rd Troop, C Squadron, 9th Lancers - 21 George Street, Dunstable.

W. S. KITCHENER: Pte (7127), 3rd Battn, Beds Regt, Expeditionary Force - 92 Hitchin Road, Luton.

S. KITCHENER: Driver (97456), 100th Battery, Royal Field Artillery - 92 Hitchin Road, Luton.

Horace MINGAY: Pte (10563), 4th Service Battn, Beds Regt - 16 Cambridge Street, Luton.

Sydney G. LEWIN: Rifleman (2154), H Coy, 4th Battn, Rifle Brigade - 23 Winsdon Road, Luton.

A. LOVICH: Corpl, E.A. Royal Engineers, Bury St Edmunds - 92 Ash Road, Luton.

W. ODELL: Pte (7038), D Coy, 3rd Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force, France - Upper Sundon.

Arthur PEARCE: Pte (10350), D Coy, 1st Battn, Beds Regt, 5th Division, British Expeditionary Force - Church Street, Shillington.

A. PUNTER: Pte (6604), 1st Battn, Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force - 24 Dane Road, Luton.

Frank PUTNAM: Pte (9732), 4th Battn, Middlesex Regt - Dagnall.

G. SIMMONDS: Pte (7948), The Loyal North Lancs - 56 May Street, Luton.

S. G. J. SMITH: G2 Coy, 4th Battn, Beds Regt - 62 Cardigan Street, Luton.

S. WHITTEMORE: Pte (6710), 1st Battn, Beds Regt, Expeditionary Forces, France - 10 Park Way, High Town Road, Luton.

W. WILSON: Pte (7853), 1st Beds Regt, Expeditionary Force - 184 North Street, Luton.

[The Luton News, November 12th, 1914]