Serving the King: November 26th, 1914

Latest names to be added to the Luton News list of local men serving in the Army and Navy.


R. BURLEY: Gunner, Royal Field Artillery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Warwick Road, Luton.

Leslie R. HYDE: 1st Class Boy, HMS Powerful - School House, Caddington.

John WALKER: 2nd Class Boy, HMS Powerful - Caddington.


S. W. ALLIN: Pte (6183), B Company, 7th Battn, East Surrey Regt.

A. J. BROWN: Pte, 3rd Battn, Beds Regt, E Company, Expeditionary Force - 27 Cobden Street, Luton.

J. BURLEY: Pte, 3rd Battn, Beds Regt, in France - 71 Warwick Road, Luton.

J. COLEMAN: Pte (7821), Transport, 1st Beds Regt, 15th Infantry Brigade, General French Expeditionary Force - Wigmore Road, Ramridge End, Stopsley.

J. H. CONWAY: Pte (7869), 1st Battn, Norfolk Regt, Expeditionary Force - 94 Hampton Road, Luton.

E. COX: Pte (222), East Mid Brigade, F.A., R.A.M.C. - 150 Union Street, Dunstable.

T. FENSOME: Pte (6340), C Coy, 1st Battn, Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force - 6 York Street, Luton.

C. HARRIS: Lieut, Royal Field Artillery, Expeditionary Force - 2 Cromwell Road, Luton.

A. HOLLAND: Pte (1353), B Company, Manchester Regiment, 3rd Sahone Division, Indian Contingent, British Expeditionary Force, France - Delamere, 4 Lincoln Road, Luton.

L. HOLLAND: Pte (2246), Army Pay Corps - Delamere, 4 Lincoln Road, Luton.

Arthur Charles HOWARD: Pte (10471), D Coy, Beds Regt - New Cottages, Kinsbourne Green, near Luton.

Claudius G. HYDE: O.T.C. London University - School House, Caddington.

Bernard P. HYDE: 1st Beds Yeomanry - School House, Caddington.

G. MATTHEWS: Driver (19483), 11th Company, Royal Engineers, British Expeditionary Force, France - Tipple Hill, near Aley Green, Caddington.

A. PUNTER: Pte (6604), 1st Battn, Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force - 24 Dane Road, Luton.

F. G. RICH: Pte, Leicester R.A.M.C. - 13 Crawley Green Road, Luton.

E. WHITE: Pte, Royal Army Medical Corps - 109 Highbury Road, Luton.

R. WILMOT: Pte (10491), B Coy, 2nd Border Regt, British Expeditionary Force - late of 55 New Town Street, Luton.

Alfred WILSON: Pte (7144), D Coy, 2nd Beds Regt, British Expeditionary Force - 14 Albert Road, Luton.

E. WOODCROFT: Sgt, Special Reserve, Beds Regt - 73 Ivy Road, Luton.

P. WOODCROFT: Lance-Cpl, 2nd Battalion, Beds Regt, Expeditionary Force - 73 Ivy Road, Luton.