Funeral of Chief Constable David Teale

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16th December 1916


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David Teale funeral


On the afternoon of Saturday, December 16th, 1916, amidst a widespread demonstration of mourning and sympathy, the funeral took place of the late Chief Constable (Mr David Teale). The scenes were most impressive.

The members of the Corporation, the magistrates and others met at the Town Hall, and meanwhile the police force formed up at the Court House.

The regular force marched to the Town Hall, where they led the procession to the house in Dunstable Place, where they left the Mayor and public men to follow the mourners while they themselves went on into Stuart Street to head the procession.

The police, firemen and other units slowly marched along Stuart Street and up Rothesay Road to the General Cemetery. Following came the hearse covered with floral tributes, with the police bearers on either side. On the coffin were placed the late Chief Constable's uniform, hat, belt and sword.

Perhaps the most pathetic figure in the procession was Polly, the late Chief's equine friend, forwhich he had such a great affection. She was led by her groom, Pc Head. Her harness was interlaced with white ribbon, and in the stirrups were the reversed riding boots of the late Chief.

At the cemetery gates the police formed up in a line at either side of the road, and the cortege and public representatives passed through to the chapel. Here again was a large assembly of the public.

In the chapel a simple service was conducted by the Rev E. Lightwood Smith and the Rev A. Wooliscroft, the ministers of Waller Street Wesleyan Church, of which the Chief was a member. The coffin was afterwards borne to the grave,the procession following, and the police formed a cordon round the newly-built brick grave, which was lined with evergreens. The relatives and public representatives stood in the centre while the committal was read.

The police and other units afterwards marched to the Court House and dispersed.

David Teale funeral

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