Company Quartermaster Sergeant

Company Quartermaster Sergeant Douglas Ritchie


Company Quartermaster-Sgt Douglas Ritchie, Army Service Corps, died in the Fulham Military Hospital on January 15th, 1916, from double pneumonia.

The 30-year-old Scotsman was the brother-in-law of Charles Cameron, of 51 Belmont Road, Luton, proprietor of Camerons (Luton) Ltd, a printing company based in Cheapside. Douglas Ritchie had been a co-director of the firm until he gave up his business interests to take up aviation. He had gained his pilot's licence before suffering an unfortunate breakdown in health.

Company Quartermaster Sergeant Joseph Horne


Company Quartermaster Sgt Joseph Horne, 6006, 2nd Battalion Beds Regt, was killed in action at Neuve Chapelle on March 12th, 1915. He had served in the Army for 18 years and he and his family had returned with the battalion from South Africa at the outbreak of war. He was reportedly in line for a commission at the time of his death.

The above photograph was returned to his family from the battlefield with the message "Anyone finding this, please return to my wife, Mrs J. Horne, 52 Grange Road, Luton, Beds" written on the back.

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