Petty Officer Francis Harold Armitage

Rank or Title

Date of Birth

5 Oct 1890

Date of Death

9 Jul 1917

War time / or Pre War occupation

Iron moulder


Hayward Tyler


Service Number


Place of Birth

United Kingdom

World War I Address

43 Tennyson Road
United Kingdom

Place of Death

Scapa Flow
United Kingdom

Grave Location

Lost at sea
United Kingdom

War Memorial Location

Soldier or Civilian

  • Soldier


The Luton News , 19th July 1917
Petty Office Stoker Francis Harold Armitage

Petty Office Stoker Francis Harold Armitage, RN (K16328), was a Luton man lost when HMS Vanguard sank following an internal explosion while at anchor at Scapa Flow on July 9th, 1917. His body was never recovered for burial.

A son of Thomas and Elizabeth Armitage, of 43 Tennyson Road, Luton, the 26-year-old had recently been promoted from Leading Seaman and was second in charge of the engine room. He had served on Vanguard during the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and come through unscathed.

Before joining the Navy in September 1912 he had worked as an iron moulder at Hayward Tyler & Co. The family were then living at 104 Lea Road, Luton.

He is commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial and Luton War Memorial.

Individual Location

Petty Office Stoker Francis Harold Armitage

Author: Deejaya

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