Private Bertram Silsbey

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United Kingdom

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104 Ashburnham Road
United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

Luton ward

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  • Soldier


The Luton News , 1st February 1917

Bertram Silsby (or Silsbey, the surname changes) was the youngest son of George and Elizabeth Silsby, and brother to Emily, Florrie, Ellen and Frederick Silsby, from Hitchin. His father was a boot maker, but tragically died when Bertram was young, meaning the family had to move to 50 Buxton Road Luton.

Bertram lived at 104 Ashburnham Road when he joined the army.

He was awarded the military medal for his "gallant conduct and devotion to duty on the field of battle at Fricourt on January 18th 1916."

Some of his comrades, were caught in a sap and knocked unconcious by gas and a mine explosion. He and some of his other fellow soldiers, volunteered to go and rescue the injured, and help to hold the trench that was being attacked by the enemy. It was during this that he impressed his officers with his courage, good nature under pressure and strong resolve. He was described as being ordinarily, rather shy about his actions, and insisted (like so many others) that he was just doing his job.

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