Biscot Church lych gate memorial

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Holy Trinity Church
United Kingdom

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Biscot Church lych gate

The lych gate of Holy Trinity Church, Biscot, bearing testimony to its planned role as a war memorial.

When it was decided in November 1916 that the old lych gate at Biscot Parish Church needed replacing, it was suggested it might double as a memorial to the fallen of Biscot, Limbury and Leagrave in World War One, with a tablet recording their names.

The gate was dedicated on November 4th, 1917, by the Archbishop of Bedford, the Rt Rev Bishop E. N Hodges. It had been erected by Harry Hems and Sons, of Exeter.

But it was eventually decided to locate the villages' war memorial in a more central position, and on July 24th, 1921, Lady Ludlow, of Luton Hoo, unveiled the memorial that now exists in Marsh Road, Leagrave.

Object Location

Biscot Church lych gate

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