Biscot windmill losing its sails



Beds & Herts Tuesday Telegraph , 14th January 1919
Biscot windmill 1920
  • Biscot windmill in 1920 with its sails removed.


The introduction of modern machinery always has the effect of ousting the picturesque and beautiful, and we are sorry to hear that an instance of this unfortunate fact will shortly be experienced in Luton, said the Tuesday Telegraph (January 14th, 1919).

The old Biscot Windmill, which has been an object of interest to more than one generation which has risen in the town and district, is to have its sails lopped off! In fact, to all intents and purposes, Luton will know it no more, for the woodwork has dilapidated to such an extent that it is constant danger of collapse. So it has been decided to demolish the old plant and to run the mill by a gas engine.

A prominent landmark visible for many miles around, Biscot Mill has waved its arms for over 80 years, if not longer, and its weather-beaten timbers have existed during great developments in Luton and the district.

On February 25th, 1919, the Tuesday Telegraph reported: “Many an old Lutonian will regret the loss of that picturesque and rural landmark which has just been removed. We refer to the Biscot windmill, for its sails have been dismantled and the wind part of the mill has thereby gone, probably for ever.

“Presumably it is proof that even free force, which is unreliable and at best irregular (though it has done duty so long), has in these days of scientific production and transmission of power had to take notice and quit.

“The writer's eyes will now scan and wander around the north-western horizon for those big white sails in vain, though for full three-score years they have been encouraged in that direction to behold a pleasant sight.”

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