D Battery War Diary October 1917

Current Location

United Kingdom










Commanding Officer: Capt. J. NORTHOVER


Oct 1

Capt. J.E. PIXLEY joined for duty


Oct 2

2nd Lieut. G.J. GRANTHAM  joined for duty

      “          N.R.D. CROAKES                “


Oct 3

25 recruits from Woolwich


9 L.D. Horses from N.M. Hospital


Oct 5

Lieut. A.M. BOWN to B.E.F.


Oct 8

28 details to B.E.F.


16 details from Ripon


Oct 9

2nd Lieut. D.H. HEWITT to B.E.F.


7 Category B details to 418 Bty.


Oct 13

30 recruits from No. 4 Depot


20 Aiv Details to 355th Brigade


Oct 15

6 Category details to 40th  Res.  Battery


Oct 16

46 details to B.E.F.


20 Category  B details to Hemel Hempstead.


Lieut. P.H. DOGSON M.C. joined for duty

2nd Lieut. P. LLOYD

 “              D.H. McPHAIL              “                            


Oct 17

33 L.D. Horses to Swaythling


Oct 18

22 N.C.O’s received from Woolwich


17 L.D. Horses from Shirehampton

16 Mules                           “


Oct 19

29 details to B.E.F.




Oct 20

13 N.C.O’s  and 50 details received.


Capt. COLE joined for duty


Oct 22

21 Category B details to A.A. Depot


2nd Lieut. A. PEMBROKE joined for duty

“                J.C. POPE                       “


Oct 23

33 Horses from Swaythling


16 Horses & 16 Mules from Ormskirk


10 Horses from N.M. Hospital


15 Recruits from Woolwich


Oct 25

40 details to B.E.F.


2nd Lieut. H. COTTERELL joined for duty


Oct 26

2nd Lieut. W  HONEY joined for duty


Capt. PIXLEY                    to B.E.F.

2nd Lieut. TURNER

“                TUCKEY                  “


14 category B details to 63rd Res. Bde


Move to Billets.


Oct 27

2nd Lieut. H. FISHER joined for duty


Oct 29

2nd Lieut. A.G. BALLARD joined for duty

“               C.H. BARKER                   “


Oct 30   

2nd Lieut. SUNDERLAND joined for duty



      “         WILLIAMS                      “


5 Category B details to 31st Res.  Bty.



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