Postcard to Father.

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Private George Marlow of the 2nd Batallion Bedfordshire Regiment sent this postcard from France to his father Frederick.

 Postcards were becoming increasingly popular with soldiers as a way of sending a message to loved ones, letting them know 'all is well' without revealing exactly what they were experiencing.

After the massive recruitment drive of nearly a million men volunteering in the first 2 years of war, by 1917 conscription had been introduced.

At the begining of the war men were eager to join up to defeat the enemy, but when morale started to fade the government had to come up with ideas to boost it.

Propaganda posters & postcards were manufactured to get messages across, it was a relatively easy way to reach millions of people.

Lots of types of pictures were produced to appeal to peoples feelings, some made war seem exciting, an adventure, some tried to make a fit man feel guilty for not joining up & some would show you how proud you would feel if you did.

Perhaps this postcard appealed to his father's sense of humour?

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