Sundon Cement and Lime Works War Memorial

Current Location

St Mary's Parish Church
Lower Sundon
United Kingdom


Sundon Cement Works War Memorial


Memorial to the 34 employees of the Sundon Cement and Lime Works who gave their lives in World War One. The memorial is now attached to the exterior of St Mary's Church, Lower Sundon. The men commemorated are:

Sgt William Hyde (7th Beds - July 2nd, 1916)

Cpl William George Bass (7th Bedfords - May 3rd, 1917)

Cpl William Charles Gobby (7th Bedfords - March 22nd, 1918)

L-Cpl Edward Thomas Bushby (8th Bedfords - August 9th, 1916)

L-Cpl Leonard Ballard (8th Leicesters - April 29th, 1917)

L-Cpl Edward Short (7th Bedfords - May 3rd, 1917)

L-Cpl William George Randall (7th Bedfords - August 16th, 1917)

Pte Henry (Harry) John King (1st Bedfords - May 5th, 1915)

Pte Edward Francis Harris (2nd Bedfords - May 17th, 1915)

Pte George Stone (2nd Bedfords - May 23rd, 1915)

Pte Richard Henry Starling (2nd Bedfords - August 19th, 1915) [Date on memorial is August 17th]

Pte Thomas Tavener (2/4th Royal Berks - July 13th, 1916)

Pte John William Hillyard (1st Bedfords - July 24th, 1916)

Pte William Charles Buckingham (8th Bedfords - September 15th, 1916)

Pte Harry Sylvester (7th Bedfords - September 27th, 1916)

Pte Reginald David Hart (7th Bedfords - January 28th, 1917)

Pte George Hull (6th Bedfords - April 9th, 1917)

Pte Sidney Thomas Chance (12th South Wales Borderers - April 21st, 1917)

Pte Arthur Eames (4th Bedfords - April 29th, 1917)

Pte John Hucklesby Baker (1st Bedfords - May 17th, 1917)

Pte Albert Edward Coote (15th Durham Light Infantry - June 1st, 1917)

Pte Joseph Summerfield (7th Bedfords - June 17th, 1917)

Pte Arthur William Purser (7th Bedfords - July 20th, 1917)

Pte George Smith (4th Middlesex - July 31st, 1917)

Pte William Allen (8th Leicesters - October 1st, 1917)

Pte Sidney Smith (1st Bedfords - October 4th, 1917)

Pte Arthur Stone (1/5th Bedfords - November 4th, 1917)

Pte Harry Titmus (7th Bedfords - December 9th, 1917)

Pte Walter Joy Cleaver (1st Bedfords - April 25th, 1918)

Pte Major Wilfred Pateman (1st Bedfords - August 23rd, 1918)

Pte James Douglas Stone (4th Bedfords - August 23rd, 1918)

Pte James Bernard Chance (1st East Surreys - August 23rd, 1918) [Date on memorial is August 28th]

Pte Ernest Brazier (1/5th Bedfords - September 19th, 1918) [Date on memorial is September 20th]

Pte Arthur Perry (Queen's Royal West Surreys - October 25th, 1918)


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Sundon Cement Works War Memorial

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