Staff at Wardown V.A.D. Hospital

At the start of this project, we knew the names of only a few staff who worked at Wardown V.A.D. hospital, from the proceedings of minutes and names found in photograph albums. But records of staff who served in the V.A.D. were digitised and released by the British Red Cross in 2015, and this has made it easy to reveal and remember the names of those who served at Wardown V.A.D. Hospital during WW1.

The Staff includedNurse bedside patient in Wardown Hospital

  • 2 Trained nurses,— one taking day, and one night duty.—the remaining help being voluntary.
  • 12 V.A.D. nurses on duty daily.
  • 5 cooks
  • 3 General Service members, all of whom give their services voluntarily.
  • The V.A.D. cooks and general service members were considered to be indefatigable; and their services were certainly appreciated to the full by the patients.
  • 2 Quartermasters who looked after the 'Pack Store' .
    • They collected the kit and effects of every patient on admission, and ticketed and stored them until the patients were discharged.
  • 'Rags' the dog.

Known staff

Full names and details of nurses and other staff who served at Wardown, can be found by searching the excellent British red Cross site, that is dedicated to recognising the service of the V.A.D. volunteers in WW1. 

Nurses Shoosmith and Margery Mary Tomson

House Committee.

Finance Committee

  • Mr. R. E. Tomson (Hon. Treasurer)
  • Mr. B. T. Crew (Hon. Auditor)
  • Mr. K. Brown

Dr. Fordyce and Rogers

Ambulance Committee

  • Mr. V. Allen (Chairman)
  • Mr. H. E. Deacon
  • Mr. Arthur Strange (Hon. Sec.)