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Oct 1

The under mentioned Officers joined the Brigade from the units shown, and were taken on strength.


Temp. Lieut. G.A. OGDEN             291st Bde. R.F.A.

2nd Lt.             W.O. COSGROVE                 “              

“                      S.T. DAVIS                             “

“                      H.E. SHEPPERD        58th D.A.C.


Oct 2

A draft consisting of 2 Sergeants, 1 Corporal, 1 Bombardier, 30 Signallers and 2 Artificers proceeded Overseas to join 47th Div. Artillery.


2nd Lt. J. WALKER, on first commission joined 3/1st London Brigade R.F.A.


Oct 4

Lieut. T. STOREY, 3/3rd Lond. Bde. R.F.A. having relinquished his commission on account of ill health was struck off the strength of the Brigade.


Lieut. G.B. ROBERTS 303rd Brigade

“          ADAMS, 301st Brigade

Were taken on strength of the Brigade and attached to 3/6th London Bde. R.F.A.



Oct 6

Draft of 118 Gunners, 20 Drivers and 2 Signallers proceeded Overseas.


Lieut. F.G. HEADINGTON proceeded Overseas


Lieut. J.D. SMALL from 291st Brigade joined this Brigade


Oct 9

The Bishop of St. Albans gave an “address” to Officers of the Brigade in the Y.M.C.A. Hut.


374 Bi and Ci men were transferred to 65th Lowland Division as follows.


194 to Chelmsford

120 to Hatfield Peverel

 60 to Maldon

These were replaced by a similar number of men of Category A.1.


2nd Lt. A.H. BROWN joined and was posted to 3/7th Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


Lt.  J. HAWKES REED joined from 301st Bde. R.F.A.


2ND Lt. S.A. BACHE joined and was posted to 3/7th Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


A draft of 55 Gunners and 30 Drivers proceeded overseas to join 47th, 56th and 60th Divisions.


Oct 10

Lieut. N.V. BRASNET was transferred to the 57th Division


Oct 13

Lieut. R.J. BEATTIE proceeded Overseas


Oct 14

The Specialist Sanitary Officer Eastern Command visited the Camp


2nd Lt. A.F.R.D. QUINN proceeded Overseas


Oct 15

Lieut. G.B. ROBERTS, 2/8th Lond. Bde. R.F.A. was transferred to No. 7 Reserve Brigade, Winchester.


2nd Lt. M.G. LIDDLE joined from Overseas and was posted to 3/1st Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


Oct 16

Major A.G. SCAMMELL, 5th Lond. Bde. R.F.A. was taken on strength


2nd Lt. P.A. THURLEY from Overseas joined and was posted to 3/2nd Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


The under mentioned Officers proceeded Overseas.


To 1st London Brigade                               

2nd Lt. W.A. KIMPTON                                 

“           N.H. KIMPTON                                 

“           N.G. CLARKE                                     

“           R.S. INGLIS                                       


To 2ND London Brigade

Lieut. J.D. SMAIL

2nd Lt. G.B. WOLFE

“           B.O. MOORE

“           G.N. LING


To 3rd London Brigade

2nd Lt. CORNES

“           O.H. GARRAS

“           G.A. OGDEN


To 5th London Brigade


2nd Lt. E.C. PAGE

“          F.H. BARTLETT


To 6th London Brigade

2nd Lt. S.H. WIGG

“          J.C. HANSWORTH

“          L. CORSAN

“          D.V. TOMSON






To 7th London Brigade

Lieut . A.F. BOURDAS


“           K.H. JOWETT

“           E.S. HURST

“           N.V. HURST

“           R.A. GOODALL

“           E.C. JONES

“           F.A.M. LOUFTE

“           J.C. St. NEVILLE

“           J.S. SHIPWAY

“           G.R. WATT

“           G.H. BURGESS

“           G.A. BARNETT

“           H.A. MORTLEMAIN


To 2nd London D.A.C.

Lieut. C.R. De FRAINE

“          E.R. GREGORY

2nd Lt. J.V. WILSHIN

“          B.G. HILL

“          A.B. DAVIES


To 1st Wessex D.A.C.

2nd Lt. P.A. GIBBONS


Oct 19

The 3 Emergency Batteries mobilised in Full Marching Order. 

The Batteries were composed of Guns, Firing Battery Wagons and G.S. Wagons.  The Brigade Headquarters did not turn out.


Oct 21

Orders received from Eastern Command that all Aiv Men (fit for General Service but under 19 years of age) were to be kept under training until they became available for Overseas.


Oct  22

2nd Lt. W.A.M. WATTS was taken on the strength and posted to “D” Battery


Oct  23

2nd Lt. A.W. CUNNINGHAM, 3/2nd London Brigade R.F.A. proceeded Overseas.


The under mentioned Officers on first commission were taken on the strength


2nd Lt. A.M. BROOKFIELD    3/2nd Lond. Bde. R.F.A.

“          R.H. GLENISTER         3/3rd Lond. Bde. R.F.A.

“          De VRIES                     3/7th Lond. Bde. R.F.A

“          A.E. WATSON             3/6th Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


The under mentioned Officers were taken on the strength


2nd Lt. T.H. ROBINSON from 2/3rd to 3/3rd Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


2nd Lt. D.H. WADDINGTON from 2/5th to 3/5th Lond. Bde. R.F.A.




Extract from London District Orders, dated 20th October 1916


Officers, Warrant Officers, N.C.O’s and Men are forbidden to accept presents in money from any public bodies or private individuals in recognition of services rendered in the performance of their duty.


Oct 24

2nd Lt. R.S. HUDSON transferred from 291st Bde. R.F.A. to 3/2nd Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


Lieut. J.F. ASHTON 3/5th Lond. Bde. R.F.A. to M.T.A.S.C.


Lieut. MALCOHNSON 3/1st Lond. Bde. To R.F.C.


2nd Lt. M.G. HAZELRIGG on first commission was posted to 3/5th Lond. Bde. R.F.A.


Oct 28

2nd Lt. H.E. SHEPHERD, 3/3rd Lond. Bde. R.F.A. transferred to 2nd Provl. Battery at Little Clacton.


Oct 30

Lieut. R.J.E. MASSEY 3/2nd Lond. Bde. R.F.A. from overseas was taken on the strength and posted to “A” Battery.


2nd Lt. A.S. WILKINSON taken on strength and posted to 3/7th London Bde. R.F.A.


2nd Lt. C.H. HICKS taken on strength and posted to 3/5th London Bde. R.F.A.


Oct 31

The following casualties occurred amongst the Horses of the Brigade during October 1916


142 Joined

114 Transferred

5 Died or Destroyed

Leaving a total strength of 511



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